Aesthetically designed experience are realized not simply by designers


Born in Hong Kong, Scentique Limited has evolved and expanded to achieve international acclaim. We now develop and manage unique spa concepts throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

We developing unique spa concepts for the world renowned spa brands, as well as the Individually Tailored Spa Collection.


Integrating a wellness philosophy into
a lifestyle, a luxurious experience, your everyday


SCENTIQUE offers our partners a solid network of highly selective internationally recognized branded and non-branded spa & wellness products, services and concepts as an integral part of an impactful marketing and business strategy. 

We are a group of cross-disciplinary professionals with a wellness philosophy in mind, allowing our partners to build an ethical, well thought-through wellness eco-system and unique experience. 

Wellness should be an integral part of your body, soul, and the environment you stay around, it is a psychology in a continuous terms. We help making Wellness part of your life, your brand in 'style'. 


Harnessing our Strength

Industry Experts & Professionals

Scentique collaborates and attracts therapists, industry professionals and veterans to achieve well-being altogether . It is never a one man's effort in achieving a bigger goal. We educate, raise awareness, change habits.

Only Best in Class

Stringent product selection process in collaboration with industry experts to make sure we only bring to you best of the best you can find in the market.

Science and consumer's appetites never stops evolving. We always have an eye in the market for new technologies and trends to make sure we are never outdated for the newest and most advanced technology or trend available for your selection.

Global Scope

Our scope is not limited to the Asia region but global. Helping you find the unique product not everyone else is using.

Sometimes it takes that extra mile to find true love. But it's always worth it.


speaking in our clients' language

An answer to the burgeoning wellness travelers who seek for something different to what traditional hotel or spa services can provide.
— Roland Johnson, Swire Group
Beautiful and top-class products aside, the bottom line about Scentique is that they’re simply a joy to work with.
— Jane White, Bleeding Edge
A sensibility to transform a product into a business strategy, a marketing campaign .. in addition to a wellness concept.
— Becca Chang, TFN
Brings functional wellness features into real life impactful experiential products
— Amir Hussein, Inwidget