Transforming a wellness philosophy
into an "Emotional" customer journey


SCENTIQUE masters the incredible ability to create exclusive and emotive journey as an integral part of your impactful marketing and business strategy.

By leveraging our solid network of highly selective international  talents and resources, our consultancy services caters to requirements for a range of industries including hotels, spas, international brands and entertainment with successes regionally in around Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we design and manage one-of-a-kind experiences and journeys for our clients.

We are a group of cross-disciplinary professionals including designers, perfumist, engineers, therapists and biochemist; together and with a wellness philosophy in mind, we allow our partners to build an intriguing, ethical, well thought-through customer journey which goes beyond traditional "functional only" value propositions for your business.  



Elements we use in in delivering a wellness sanctuary
to our partner's business space

Wellness should be an integral part of your body, soul, and the environment you stay around, it is a psychology in a continuous terms. We help make Wellness part of your life and your brand in ‘style’.

In search of "the ultimate solutions" requires real professionals, not generalists. With cross-disciplinary experts & qualified specialists at your service, you could go further.



Scentique collaborates and attracts therapists, industry professionals and veterans to help us achieve well-being altogether in a collaborative manner. It is never a one man's effort in achieving bigger goals. We educate, raise awareness, change habits.


Stringent product selection process in collaboration with industry experts to make sure we only bring to you best of the best that you can find in the market.
Science and consumer's appetites never stops evolving. We always have an eye in the market for new technologies and trends to make sure we are never outdated for the newest and most advanced technology or trend available for your selection.


Our scope is not limited to the Asia region but global. We are not here to help you find the product your competitor is using, but finding a uniqueness in you. Sometimes it takes that extra mile to find true love. But it's always worth the effort.


We are experienced in creating unique customer experiences and journeys as a business strategies to help companies grow. Owning an equipment is one matter, utilizing it for bigger benefits is another. This is where we come in.