Conventional air purifiers use a combination of different technologies, mostly a HEPA filter paired with either a Carbon filter or alternatively some form of Ionization, Oxidation, UV, photo-catalytic or electro-static systems. None of these products are able to effectively remove gaseous pollutants from the air, and in most cases create noxious by-products such as ozone or reactive oxygen species, hence totally defeating the purpose.

Current air purifiers handle pollutant gases using technologies like activated carbon, activated zeolite or other “adsorption technologies”. Adsorption is like sticky tape, once the sticky surface have been used up, it does not function anymore. Unlike other technologies, Oxyvital® Systems are the ONLY technologies that BREAKS APART the pollutant gases and reconstitute them back into their natural state, for eg 2NO2 > N2 + 2O2. Oxyvital® Systems does these using catalytic processes that are NOT easily used up and lasts a long time.

Oxyvital’s ZeoSieve technology is globally patented. It offers a number of very distinct advantages over existing technologies and processes for indoor air purification:

  • Air purification beyond filtration - the air is getting purified through a catalytic, self-cleaning process based on a special mix of synthetic Zeolites in combination with a modified PSA procedure (Pressure Swing Adsorption);
  • It is the only known technology capable of meeting or exceeding international Indoor Air Quality standards in all nine relevant pollutant classes as established by World Health Organization;
  • No harmful side effects or noxious by-products as zeolites are known as a natural, atoxic catalyst; whereas many existing air-cleaning technologies inadvertently create ozone or ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), which can cause long-lasting damage to human lung tissue;
  • Noticeable and superior indoor air quality by effectively removing particles including micro-organisms, and all known indoor gaseous pollutants, which are equally or in most cases more carcinogenic than mere particulate matter;
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be controlled at healthy levels within a confined indoor space;
  • Energy savings of up to 20% can be achieved, as less hot, less humid and less polluted outdoor air is required to ‘ventilate’ enclosed environments in tropical regions;
  • Humidity can be reduced by about 10-15% due to the nature of zeolites, hence indoor comfort is enhanced whilst reducing the spread of microorganisms thriving on humidity (mold, fungi)
  • The technology has been analyzed and endorsed by Hong Kong Government and leading Chinese virologists (PRC) in scientific lab and in-site tests, resulting in a multitude of independent reports.

Over the years, Oxyvital has developed, produced and marketed thousands of proprietary residential and commercial air quality systems deploying the ZeoSieve processor. Many of these first generation products are still in use and duly serviced by Oxyvital in Hong Kong and Macao.



German Zeolite Air Purification Technology

The only system in the world that can convert pollutant gases back to its clean healthy natural state

Oxyvital's approach to indoor air quality is unique in the sense that their systems purify air at a molecular level without emitting toxic by-products such as Ozone or Reactive Oxygen Species.

All Oxyvital products deploy our patented ZeoSieve technology derived from the medical domain, where it has been used for dialysis and oxygen concentration. It is the ideal indoor air processor for Hong Kong premises where safety and hygiene are critical. Going beyond the standards of HEPA filters and other recently emerging air filtration technologies, Oxyvital helps create healthy and pleasant spaces for all occupants.

Certified and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland, it is the only indoor air purifier to date independently tested to meet World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for achieving optimal indoor air quality. Using a four-stage, catalytic purification process based on Zeolite, a naturally occurring, micro-porous mineral, the technology is capable of reducing all nine categories of indoor air pollutants as identified by WHO to safe levels.

This means our air purification systems effectively eliminate particulates (RSP’s and microorganisms), but more importantly, they take out the more hazardous gaseous pollutants and certain viruses, which can be as small as 5 nanometres.

As obvious as it sounds, clean air is vital to human health and wellbeing indoors. Oxyvital air cleaners offer Hong Kong residents peace of mind by providing the cleanest air possible to protect human health at home and at work.

medical grade air purification technology

Oxyvital uses an advanced four-stage filtration system to safely remove toxic particles and microorganisms from the air. Our patented ZeoSieve technology for air purification goes beyond graded filtration to address the gaseous nature of pollutants such as VOC’s, CO2, CO, fumes and various odours. When air passes through the Oxyvital system, it first goes through a multi-stage pre-filtration process that starts with a preliminary coarse pre-filter, continues to a fine pre-filter, and finishes with a medical-grade ultrafine HEPA pre-filter. This pre-filtration process removes dust and larger particles before the air is forced through a medical grade compressor and then into the patented Oxyvital ZeoSieve system that is based on advanced zeolite technology.

Working on a nano-molecular level, the ZeoSieve system breaks down gases and other airborne contaminants that are up to 10,000 times smaller than what an ordinary HEPA filter can trap. Noxious gas phase molecules are cracked apart, altering their molecular structure so that non-toxic, natural elements are released. In other words, the patented ZeoSieve technology for air purification effectively denatures the noxious gases. The Oxyvital system is the only technology yet tested that can break apart pollutant gases and reconstitute them back into their natural, harmless state.


Oxygen Therapy Spa Solution 


Oxygen therapy is the breathing in or infusion of ‘pure’ oxygen (upto 98%) in a controlled pressure flow to increase oxygen levels in the skin and body.  The oxygen is delivered through Oxyvital’s medical grade oxygen generator. Supercharged with oxygen, particles are infused deep into the 
epidermis or breathed in to create natural therapeutic effects through your body system.

snapshot benefits of oxygen therapy

•    Oxygen stimulates cellular metabolism and blood circulation 
•    Oxygen nourishes intercellular lymph, connective tissue and the basal layer 
•    Oxygen regenerates damaged cells 
•    Oxygen slows down the skin ageing process 
•    Oxygen strengthens and tones the skin 
•    Oxygen eliminates impurities and reduces active acne 
•    Oxygen strengthens the skin's antibacterial defenses to counter the formation of free radicals