To enchant with aroma
To invigorate with wellness

we design aroma for spaces

We are a team of aroma architects that influence perceptions with scent. Others use colors and light, some are masters of word play, our expertise is with smell that works at a subconscious level to create happier, healthier, and more satisfied customers.

A different story about aroma

how to use aroma in the right way

  • Reinforces perception of color and interior design
  • Increases linger time
  • Increases your customers' feelings

Emotional Creator

Brand Differentiator

      • Differentiate your brand
      • Omnipresence of your brand
      • Commands the attention of your customers
      • Impeccable customer experience
      • Utilizing your space
      • Providing a pleasant shopping and stay experience
      • transmits a feeling of cleanliness and class

      Environmental Dresser


        • Combined with herbal apothecary
        • Create more productive and creative work force
        • Breathe in healing therapeutic effects
        • Decrease sick leave rates

        Wellness Frontier

        Globally sourced, Locally blended and serviced

        "We are 100 times more likely to remEmber something that we smell than something that we see, hear or touch"

        - Vlahos 2007